Thursday, 30 July 2009

What Music Are You Listening Today ?.

So, what music are you listening today on your MP3, CD or maybe even good old fashioned audiotape or vinyl if you have such things. I have been listening to a couple of albums by the late, lamented, Warren Zevon over the last couple of days. First his classic late seventies album 'Excitable Boy' and today the album he made a few years ago when he already knew that he was dying of lung cancer, aptly titled 'Life I'll Kill Ya'.

Tomorrow, reggae from The Jolly Brothers.

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TansyLegs said...

What an eclectic taste you have! I'm listening to a George Harrison selection CD sent to me by one of my pals - he was underrated as a songwriter (except for things like "Something") and is much missed by all Beatles fans. Also listening in the car to Flanders&Swann "At the Drop of a hat" - hilarious and surprisingly some of the songs are still relevant today.