Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Postscript: Moving On.

In early to mid september I shall be moving out of Silverton and returning to Ayr in the west of scotland where I have aquired a lease on a pleasant harbourside flat. It had become apparent to me even before the recent events that led to the termination of the blog that after twenty one years of living in a town, village life was no longer for me. When you dont drive the strain and hassle of getting to local amenities by a less than adequate public transport system becomes an ever present pain and the Silverton of 2009 is not the closely knit community that I spent the first thirty seven years of my life in. There are many people I shall miss when I leave and a few that I definately will not but thats always the way. I dont doubt that I shall still visit the village regularly as long as I have a family connection here and it will always be good to meet old friends. I dont doubt that when I am sitting on my riverside patio in the evening looking out from Ayr harbour to the Isle of Arran and the Ailsa Craig Silverton will not be far from my thoughts and any readers od Silvertonia who pass that way will always be welcome.

It may well be that I shall, in the fullness of time return to blogging. If so the blog address will appear here.

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babyblox said...

James, the very best of luck in your new home. We shall miss you.